Healthy Winter skin

Apologies for such a long break from writing!

It’s nearly the end of January now. Still mid-Winter out in my garden. The first snowdrops are just starting to push through appropriately snowy flower beds, and my bees are fast asleep. At least I hope they are! This is my first year of keeping bees and I’m keeping a very close eye on my new hive.

In Chinese medicine, the cold weather and lack of sunshine take a toll on our skin. It’s a good idea to spend some extra time taking care of it.

I like to make my own skin balms. Collecting herbs and flowers to infuse in oils is a favourite late Summer activity for me.

Now, in Winter the same oils can be used for making muscle rubs, lip balm and nourishing,moisturising skin cream.

My favourite base for Winter skin cream is organic callendula flowers infused in safflower oil. I cover the flowers with oil and leave on a sunny window sill for a couple of weeks until the oil has taken up the beautiful, rich, marigold colour. This oil is used as a natural anti-inflammatory in Chinese medicine and is gentle enough to use on children.

I mix the infused oil with aloe vera, apricot kernel oil, arnica, wheat germ oil, rose hip oilneem, coco butter, shea butter and bees wax.

This is another reason that I’m keeping such a close eye on my bees!

Next year I’m hoping to be able to use my own organic bees wax. I’m going to try using the hive propalis too as a natural anti viral for a cold-sore treatment.

In the meantime the days are getting longer at last, but the dark mornings remind us that it is still Winter. Keep wrapped up, stretch, catch up on sleep and try to include nourishing, warm, soups in your diet so that you’re ready for the extra hours in the day when they finally arrive!