I’m using a lot of moxa at the moment and going around at work often smelling of its lovely wood smoke scent.

It certainly generates a lot of questions! Here are a few answers;

Moxa is dried Chinese mugwort, or Ai Ye in Chinese. It burns at a very high temperature but continues to smoulder, very rarely flaming, as it burns.

This smouldering causes a lot of smoke which has a beautiful woody, rosemary and sage scent.

Moxa is used a lot to warm an acupuncture point on the little toe as a treatment to turn breech babies. The point isn’t needled at all, but a compressed cylinder of moxa called a moxa stick and looking like a fat cigar, is moved over the point to warm it.

The main action of moxa is to warm and cause movement. It is sometimes put on the ends of needles to transmit its warmth down the needle. This is particularly helpful in cases of arthritic pain which are worse in the cold. As such its a lovely treatment to use during the Winter months.

The weather is warming up now as we move through May and those stiff, painful joints will benefit from basking in some warm, still sunshine!

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