Late Summer Unwinding

It’s another beautiful late Summer day and I’m full or resolve!

I’ve been working really hard on my new clinic build and there’s still lots to do, so today I’m going to start making sure I keep on top of all the things that help keep me going.

If I made a list of the things that nurture me and help me unwind, it would include drinking enough water, doing yoga, shortish fell runs with Finni my dog, time spent with friends and family, eating nutritious regular meals and growing flowers and vegetables. All very obvious things (for me!), but so easy to let slip when things get busy.

It makes such a big difference to how I feel if I make sure these things keep happening, no matter how busy life gets. I have more energy, don’t catch the colds that come and go around me through out the year, keep a sense of proportion and get pleasure from my work (which I truly love!).

This is the perfect time of year for taking stock like this. Reviewing what’s working and keeping things moving in a ¬†fulfilling direction, and making note of the things that could have less energy allocated to them. If we get it right at this time of year then we can go forwards into the shortening days with full reserves of energy and health. A much better time of year to work on getting things right than the New Year when everyone can already be so exhausted.

I bought a topiaried bay tree for outside my clinic and I’m going to see if the trunk will unwind if it’s not forced to keep bending! It makes me happy just seeing it planted out in its new, big pot with dappled sunshine, water and lots of compost!

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