Inducing labour with acupuncture

There are certain acupuncture points which need to be used with care during pregnancy, or even avoided altogether. These points have more of a ‘moving’ function and are used frequently to help, for example, with pain relief.

The one time during pregnancy when they come into their own is to help induce labour.

Using acupuncture in this way I like to try to get at least a couple of acupuncture sessions in before the gynae. deadline.

Very occasionally I have seen contractions starting almost as soon as the needles are put in place, (one mum’s waters broke during the treatment session a few weeks ago!).

More usually contractions start within the following two or three days, and then progress smoothly into full labour without the discomfort of hospital induction.

It’s another one of my favourite treatments, particularly if I’ve followed the same person  all the way, from fertility or miscarriage problems through a full term pregnancy and finally labour!

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