Hay Fever

Summer’s here and with all the loveliness of increased warmth,  sunshine and long evenings outside comes hay fever!

Over the 17 years that I’ve been in practice I’ve treated so many people for hay fever through the Summer months. I don’t suffer from it myself but through school and University I’ve always been aware of how difficult it can be for people to manage, especially coming, as it does, at the peak of exam time!

Chinese Medicine has a really interesting take on hay fever. It considers it to be a condition which is influenced by a whole host of factors; the season, surrounding conditions, how well a person is taking care of themselves, if they have suffered from repeated colds, if they are sleeping well, if they are stressed… and on and on!

As is so often the case, Chinese medicine acknowledges the complexity of the human body, and puts into practice a whole array of advice as part of treating a condition which, on the surface, looks so straight forward.

And in my experience it can be really helpful. I treat children and adults for hay fever every year, as soon as the first trees start blossoming!

I may actually be able to take some honey from my bee hives this year – fingers crossed! It’ll be great to try out some local honey on friends and family to see how it helps any hay fever symptoms that they might have. I’ll report back!

Now back to making this year’s batch of elderflower champagne!

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