Early Spring; a balancing act!

It’s that time of year again! Some days still feel like Winter and then the weather throws a day of pure early Spring!

Today was definitely Spring. My bees agreed and were out in force; honey bees on the snow drops, daffodils and willow and some bumble bees on the crocuses. I’m making some nests for bumblebees; digging cracked teapots stuffed with old nest material into an overgrown bank. I can’t wait to see if I get some takers!

A photograph of spring flowers.

Meanwhile I’ve still got a clinic full of the signs of the wet, dull Winter that we’ve had this year. Lots of tired faces, lingering coughs, aches and pains and still some clients recovering from gastric flu and viral vertigo.

Hang on in there everyone, Spring’s on its way! The days are already so much longer already and when the sun comes out there’s some real warmth in it.

It’s a balancing act. The biggest one of the year according to Chinese medicine.

We need to start moving more, getting out into the sunshine (when it’s there) and letting some fresh air in.
But at the same time we need to conserve our energy a bit longer and be careful of getting too cold, wet or tired.

Nourishing, warm soups and casseroles are still the order of the day, but allowing some fresh, seasonal greens in. Add some fresh, green leaves to the last five or ten minutes of cooking. Chard, spinach and tender kale work well with this, and be ready for when the first nettles show their heads! Snip the topmost four leaves or so off nettles and treat them like spinach. Because they haven’t been cultivated to grow quickly (I’m guessing!) the nutritional content of nettles will be much greater than most bought vegetables.

It’s a good time to make an action plan for getting ready for Spring and the Summer ahead. I like to keep a journal to make plans, track how I’m doing and try to keep myself patient!

Using a warming massage oil on aches and pains (where there’s no swelling) can be really helpful. Warm Tiger balm is a good one for this time of year. I mix it in my palm with a bit or organic sunflower oil so that it spreads and absorbs well.

Yoga is always great and at this time of year if you catch the right warm part of a day and a sheltered spot, it’s truly magical and transforming to wrap up, take a yoga mat outside and do some stretching in the sunshine. I caught a skein of pink-footed geese going over as I was looking up and stretching this morning!

I took a photo of my first slack-lining session of the year. When I put the line up last Summer I hadn’t remembered that the ground beneath is carpeted in snow drops at this time of year! I saw one of my honey bees collecting nectar from one of the snowdrops! Another first!

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