Acupuncture for stopping smoking.

It’s a new year! So I’m really pleased to see new clients coming to see me to help them finally stop smoking.

This is a real joy for me because if I can help stop someone smoking then they will be achieving something that will truly improve their quality (and very probably quantity!) of life.

It’s often a surprise to realise how Acupuncture is still a very current and developing field of medicine, with new acupuncture points still being discovered, and new uses found for established points. Acupuncture use to help with addiction is a good example of this.

It was a Dr Wen, a neurosurgeon working with post-operative pain in the 1970s, who first reported that an acupuncture point in the ear was reducing opiate cravings in his patients.
Lincoln Hospital in the States took his research up and developed it into a system of 5 acupuncture points in the ear and this protocol has been used world-wide ever since.

I learnt this protocol 20 years ago and have been using it ever since in my own practice.

I’m not an expert in the field of addiction, but I’ve worked for 12 years or so treating people in residential detox centres and training the true experts to use the 5 point protocol; and for the last 18 years I’ve had my own clients with addiction or compulsion problems of every type imaginable. So, with that caveat, these are my thoughts;

The key issue to stopping smoking is this:

Identify what it is that you feel smoking is doing to help you. Then realise that it isn’t doing that at all.

I know that that’s easier said than done, but that really is the key!

Some people I see stop smoking after their first acupuncture treatment as if by magic!
Other people need a bit more support to keep it up until they can manage on their own.

There are key acupuncture points which help with cravings and detox. There are points which help with relaxation, sleep, mood control and stress.

Talking to the right person or just having some time and space to really think things through, will let you start leaving old patterns of thinking and behaving behind and move forwards at last.

Good luck! And Happy New Year!

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