A Therapeutic, High Protein Granola for Early Spring

Another beautiful weekend of perfect, early Spring weather!

My bees have been gathering pollen from local willow, crocus and daffodils; I can’t wait to taste the honey!  A few bumble bees about too.I spent some of the weekend digging in the last of the teapot, bumble bee houses that I started off over Winter thanks to a huge teapot donation from a very generous client!  Fingers crossed for tenants!

A photo of a bee house.

I’ve still got some honey left over from last Summer and I thought I’d use some of it up in a high protein, therapeutic granola.

I’m going to make it warm by using cinnamon and dried fruit and very nutrient and protein richby choosing lots of nuts and seeds.
This will turn it into a really nutritious, long lasting boost for the morning while the weather is tempting me out. It’ll fuel me for my fell running and gardening and I can feed it to friends and family to help fend off all the colds and flues that are still around!
I’m using a few apricot kernels because of their use in Chinese Medicine to keep phlegm from building up (lots of coughing around at the moment). I’m also using walnuts because of their use in Chinese Medicine to strengthen the lungs especially after Winter.
I’m using goji berries, apricots, brazil nuts and almonds too to make this a perfect morning option for anyone wanting to boost their fertility. You could also sprinkle some dried mulberries through the granola at the end of cooking to really boost its fertility enhancing properties. You can buy dried mulberries online; white ones are much cheaper than black mulberries. They don’t taste quite as good but their therapeutic properties are similar. A note of caution here, though, about honey. I’m using my own raw honey and that wouldn’t be ideal for anyone aiming to get pregnant. You could swap the honey for maple syrup to keep the sweetness, or just double the amount of dates if you liked.

Right here we go!

Protein rich granola based on recipes from Zita West’s ‘Eat Yourself Pregnant’ and Anna Jones’s ‘Lemon maple Granola’.

Don’t look down this big list of ingredients and despair! It would be fine to simplify this right down to just a couple of types each of nuts, seeds, dried fruit and flakes. Keep the paste similar if you can though; it makes the taste just right.

Half a mug of Brazil nuts
Half a mug of Almonds
Half a mug of walnuts
Quarter of a mug of apricot kernels
Quarter of a mug of raw cacao nibs
Half a mug of pumpkin seeds
Half a mug of sunflower seeds
Half a mug of shelled hemp seeds
Half a mug of sesame seeds
Quarter of a mug of milled linseed
two mugs of unsweetened coconut flakes

Put all of these in a food processor and break them up a bit. Don’t overdo it because if you’re not careful it’ll turn to powder and its much nicer if you have some bigger chunks left to crunch. Tip them into a big bowl once they’re chopped up.

Add to the big bowl;

Two mugs of one, or a mix of;
rolled oats
quinoa flakes
rye flakes

(I tried barley flakes, spelt flakes and millet flakes, but the taste didn’t work so I swapped to just; oats and rye. You could use quinoa if you wanted to keep your granola gluten free and up the protein even more.)

then into your food processor put;

One apple. peeled, cored and quartered
Two tbsp honey or maple syrup
Two tbsp coconut oil or olive oil
One tsp vanilla extract
One tsp ground cinnamon
Half a cup of soft, dried, pitted dates
Half a cup of un-sulphured dried apricots
one small tsp sea salt

Whizz until it’s a thick paste. Pour the paste over the nuts, seeds and flakes and mix well. Spread the mixture onto a baking parchment lined baking tray.

Bake for 20 mins at 160 centigrade or Gas 2-3, staring half way through to stop it burning and get it evenly browned. Turn down the oven to 110 centigrade or Gas one and bake for a further 30 mins or until the mixture is dry ad golden.

Let it cool then store in an air-tight container. It’ll keep for 3 or 4 weeks.

Serve it with some combination of dried goji berries (used for stamina and recuperation in Chinese Medicine), dried mulberries, a few fresh berries or chopped pear and live yoghurt or almond milk.

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