The focus is on you.

Acupuncture draws on over 3,000 years of experience and observation to work out what’s happening for you and how to make things better.

In my experience acupuncture works. It’s as simple as that.
– Dr Lilla Cooper

Many people who come to see me have tried other things. From couples desperate for a baby to professional football players with an injury that just won’t go away.

We look at everything together. Sometimes we look at movement, areas of tension and weakness. Sometimes we focus on nutrition, stress, and sleep. We can go over what’s happened in the past, such as scans, blood tests, and past IVF cycles.

Together we can look at how to make things better.

Does it hurt?

Acupuncture really doesn’t hurt. In fact, acupuncture needles are so fine that they can barely be felt.

Lilla’s medical knowledge is extensive, and her treatments effective. In my experience Lilla’s treatments succeed where conventional medicine doesn’t. She takes time to listen and offers advice on nutrition and holistic approaches to health and wellbeing in a non-judgemental way. Lilla is appropriate and compassionate. I highly recommend a visit.
– C. T.

Some people are worried that it will hurt, and are apprehensive about the idea of needles.

However, the needles are so fine and so skilfully inserted that you may not be aware of them even going in. Once they are in, you may feel a dull ache at the needle point, a general numbness of the area, a tingling or a sensation of heat. You may also just feel deeply relaxed. The needles are left in for about 20 minutes and many patients experience a heaviness of the limbs or a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

What are the needles like?

The needles are solid and very, very fine. They are sterile, pre-packaged and each needle is only used once and then safely disposed of in a special box.

Most people I see fall asleep once their needles are in place! It’s a truly relaxing, calming, and transforming experience.
– Dr Lilla Cooper

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient system of medicine that has been in constant use for more than 3,000 years up to the present day. It is considered to be one of the most effective forms of traditional medicine across the globe.

What will happen in my treatment session?

An acupuncture session will take an hour. We’ll start off talking about what you’d like help with. We may look at how you are moving, what’s worked or not worked for you in the past. We may look at your past test or scan results together. We could look at how you are sleeping, eating, and drinking.

Sometimes this can be an ongoing process if you need to come for several sessions. At each subsequent session we may review and adjust your treatment according to your individual and ongoing needs.

Our aim will be to find and customise a treatment plan that’s right for you, then tweak it as we go along. It may be that one session will sort things out, or it’s possible that a course of treatment will be better.
– Dr Lilla Cooper

We’ll always aim to get some acupuncture treatment going right from your first consultation.

I’ll probably give you some things that you can go away and work on between consultations. Some people love this, and do loads of homework! Others will just want us to focus on changes during the session.
Either way you’ll see change happening!

– Dr Lilla Cooper